Biblical Studies Bibliographies

In this section of my blog, I have put together short bibliographies in order to assist seminary students, undergrad students and pastors with research in the Old and New Testament. These bibliographies have two main goals:

  1. To introduce students to valuable resources which may not be highlighted elsewhere
  2. To introduce clergy and/or laymen to valuable resources outside of their “go-to” commentaries

These bibliographies are by no means complete nor do they pretend to be all-encompassing. They are simply an introduction to various academic discussions and sources with which it is necessary to interact during research for a research paper or sermon.

If you have any advice for the current bibliographies (e.g., additions or deletions) or a topic you’d like to see covered here, please feel free to contact me below.

Updated 23 May 2014

1. Old Testament

1.a General Topics (listed in no particular order yet)

1.a.1 Hebrew Dictionaries and Lexicons

1.a.2 Septuagint Grammars, Lexicons, and Concordances

1.a.3 Critical Editions of the Septuagint | Intro to TC (SBL)

1.a.3 Intro to OT Journals, Monograph series, and Festschriften

               1.a.4. Annotated Bibliography at Denver Seminary

2.a Specific Topics (listed alphabetically)

2. New Testament

2.a General Topics (listed in no particular order yet)

2.a.1 How to Choose and Read NT Commentaries (Read this BEFORE 2.a.2)

2.a.2 Intro to NT Commentary Series

2.a.3 Intro to Q

2.a.4 Introduction to Textual Criticism (SBL) same link as 1.a.3 (SBL)

              2.a.5 Research Bibliography by Christine M. Thomas (somewhat dated)

2.b Specific Topics (listed alphabetically)

2.b.1 Head-coverings in Corinth

2.b.2 Historical Jesus Research

2.b.3 Orality and the Historical Jesus (some overlap with 2.b.2)

2.b.4 Pharisees

2.b.4 “Son of Man” in Qumran literature

3. Extrabiblical Material

3.a. Greco-Roman Studies: Brill’s New Pauly and Oxford Classical Dictionary first.


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